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Am I Going The Wrong Way?

Looking around in bewilderment, on a morning like every other day, the mood was heavy, tired, and depressed in the last days of 2023. Stuck in constant thoughts like I was wearing hundreds of dumbbells. in my head, along with the words from my mother, who has always cared for and helped, but somewhere I still feel the deep disappointment and impatience that I know is rising more and more, because I am the one who is more worried about my own future than anyone else.

Well, when thinking about that, I myself don't think too much about it, because I have already made plans for my own future. But, according to my life experience, is that the only problem is which way I need to take and which road will lead to the destination I want. those are the questions I am trying to find the answers, but still, all my efforts are completely in vain.

Now while typing this out, I am still completely in a mess, still looking around, still surfing for every website, every tip, every job that people and gurus are still whispering that they can make tens of thousands of dollars in just one month.

But before, I can move on, let's just go back in time to when I was still a student. Back when I was still studying in elementary school, middle school, and high school, all of those years, I was just a normal student, with a normal academic performance, nothing special. just like any other guy, Who always wants to be special in someone's eyes, you know, like you just stand out from the crowd. But, unfortunately, I still haven't been able to get to that point.

Things and time just slowly move on and everything changes. I went the University and studied for 4 years, and I would say that those were the best times of my life. I got all the freedom I wanted, not thinking about anything else, and just kept studying until I got my certificate. During that time, all of the members in my family changed, especially, my older brother, who changed dramatically from a disruptive kid to someone who is extremely good at information technology, always exploring and developing himself. Now, he is working in Japan with over 5000 USD every month.

I do know that everyone is different, and no one is similar to one another. but seeing all of the achievements, as well as everything he has conquered, and still, he is continuing his journey, makes things even harder when I still think about it. But I know, that I am not giving up, it is just my road is more difficult and it is my own road. Almost everybody around me keeps telling me to apply for a company and work. But, the feeling in my mind keeps rising when I always think about the fact that I have to face the boss, and mountains of work every morning together with every Overtime work, but the worst is that you lose all of your freedom. Yes, that's right, your freedom, That's what makes me so bored when thinking about applying for a job at a random company.

It is not the first time I am applying for a job at a company. I have been working in the Marketing Agency for 8 months, and it is not even my decision. I just got into that company because it is my uncle's company. While working there, I accidentally discovered a passion that I had forgotten for a very long time, for almost 12-13 years. My passion for Art, Music, about Musical Instruments. And yes, In order to practice my drawing and painting techniques, I have been spending 2-3 hours a day to immerse myself in the world of Art because I have decided that I will walk the path of an Artisan, I know that I will have to work hard and continuously focus 100% on my dream path as it is my dream, my life dream for a long time, and now, when it comes back for me, I will not let it go anymore.

But you can see, apart from that is a dream, let's just go back to the reality, where I have to fulfill my life with money first. back to the original problem. What Can I do to make money, Enough so that I can focus solely on my passion. That is when I discovered writing blogs and affiliate marketing can somehow change the whole situation. However, the thing is, it is just getting started, and so, I can see that this is a long journey.

Obviously, I don't know where this road will lead, As I just published my Blog for about no more than a week. So, today, with all the feelings, all the stresses, and all the pressures, I really hope that one day, It will all be worth it. Not just me, but also, You and other people as well, those who are still struggling and Striving for a better life, better opportunities, and whatever you want, just do it right away, right now when you still have the chance!

It might be the wrong way for other person to consider, and that is their thoughts, we cannot change that fact, but what we can do is to change our mindset, Because, in the end, eveything will be Okay and if it is not Okay, it is not the end.

Peace! Good luck On Your Journey Everyone And Definitely One Day You Will Have What You Really Dream Of.



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